Saturday, September 13, 2008

Polka Dot Birthday Party Invitations: DONE!

Remember this invitation? The mom contacted me late spring for the party that would take place in October. A mom after my own heart!

(there were some years that I started planning the boys' birthday party in January, locking in the theme, planning the invitations, looking for cake decorating ideas, etc)

The party would have a polka dot theme. She contacted me because she liked the other invitation I'd done and invited me to design something new.

It took many months and a lot of different comps and color variations, but we finally arrived at something that both of us were happy with.

The invitations shipped out early this month and, despite the post taking longer than the post office guy told me it would (and causing both of us some heartburn -- I was convinced that I would have to spend an entire weekend recreating them only to get an email telling me that they'd been received, which I hadn't been looking forward to).

As per my rule of including "extras" with every order, I added in two additional invitations, five additional envelopes and a set of coordinating round 2" stickers (to decorate the envelopes with).

These kinds of extras don't take me much extra time to do or add in, but I know, if I were the consumer these kinds of bonuses would make me very happy.

So, happy ending!

Look for a generic version of the polka dot invitations on my etsy site soon!