Saturday, April 3, 2010

The cutest Easter crafts ever!

Mmmm... Easter! I have to say that for me, a huge part of it is all about pastel candy and yummy treats!

Peeps used to be favorites of mine (nowadays, it's hard to believe that I could eat so much concentrated sugar as a kid without passing out).

The only thing cuter than Peeps? Repackaging them with adorable graphics!

Get the free download from Eighteen25!

Another amazing idea comes from Not Martha... Chocolate Easter Surprise Eggs!

She fills the inside of real egg shells with a layer of chocolate and fills them with adorable little surprises.

But wait! There's more!

Can you stand how cute this brioche bunny is? Dang I wish I'd seen this recipe earlier!

Check it out at the Sweet Sensation blog.... (it's in Croatian, but she kindly translates into English for us yanks)

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