Monday, November 2, 2009

Jewelry Party/Craft Fair Warmup!

My friend Christine makes jewelry as ChristineMarieStudio. Christine's cousin-in-law was having a housewarming and she thought it would be fun to turn it into a showcase for Christine's work. Ever generous, Christine invited me and our friend Kathy, who have a lavender farm and has done the crafting circuit for years now, to join her as vendors.

Christine and Kathy did all the work in setting up a terrific display the night before (I had kid duty that night), borrowing props from Christine's mom, really pretty stuff. Here's my little card display:

(sorry for the blurriness -- I didn't want to disturb the guests with the flash)

The two main tables had Christine's jewelry stands interspersed with Kathy's lavender baskets and shorter things.

I think it looks so very inviting! That's Christine in the cashier's corner, above.

In the past, I've always had a policy that I'd rather gnaw off my left arm than attend a "party" where the sole purpose was to guilt my friends into buying products so that the hostess could have a nicer hostess gift, but this was actually fun! Christine's cousin had a loveliest house and the food was incredible! And the guests, who were mostly family, were very welcoming.

I made $44 just for showing up! Christine and Kathy did very well also. Kathy and I spent much of the evening sitting on the sofa while Christine worked the crowd -- our role was apparently completely ornamental.

This was sort of a warm-up for craft fairs. We have a little employee craft fair coming up later this month, which is quite low-key. After that, I'll be ready to take on something bigger!

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