Saturday, November 7, 2009

Powell's Order II: DONE!

Okay, JUST finished with my ginormous Powell's wholesale order:
Whoo hoo! I have to say that this involved MANY nights of work. I'm not even really sure if I'm making any money, given that my printer ink costs have SKYROCKETED with my new Epson printer (lovely prints, archival and water resistant, but totally guzzles very expensive ink). But I just really love that they are in the local bookstore and, apparently, selling well.

Packaging for retail involves a little extra something. A few of my cards require a little explanation. Even for the simple animal pop-ups, which are pretty self-explanatory, I need to put something on the front to let the casual browser know that there's something fun on the inside (otherwise I'm sure they'll just pass by the mostly simple fronts for something flashier).

Some of the labels and things below:

Powell's opens at nine this morning -- I'll drop these off then!

(and, with any luck, they'll make it out to the actual floor next week!)

I'm really excited to see how my holiday elves cards fare...


Handmade in Israel said...

Well done! They look amazing and I am sure will be great hits! What a great feeling to complete such a huge order.

Lauretta said...

What an accomplishment! I love your unique cards.