Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ink is putting me in the red

Last fall, I took some of my card profits and invested in a nice new printer, an Epson 1400.

It's really nice! I love being able to print on large paper (I can print on 12 x 18" cardstock, for instance, and trim it down to get letter-sized paper with full bleeds -- awesome!).

But here's the downside: the thing guzzles ink like there's no tomorrow. Seriously, I need to enroll my printer in some 12-step program.

Above are 46 empty inkjet cartridges. Most of them were used up when I was in crazy production mode before the holidays. Forty-six inkjet cartridges at about $20 a shot... well, I can't even bear to do the math on that.

Paying for the ink has seriously put the profitability of my shop into jeopardy, however I did find what I think to be a good solution: knock off inkjet cartridges.

There are several different online sites. I found the FAQs on this site to be quite reassuring: The fact that they offered free shipping and a 75% reduction in costs was tempting enough for me to venture out of my rut of paying full price for the comfort of using something approved by Epson.

I've only had a chance to use a few of them so far and haven't see any problems yet. The cartridges do look a little different than the original ones, but so far the results have been really positive so far! At least, I can't see any difference in the quality and the printer hasn't exploded or anything...


Susan said...

I hear ya! I have been using for 5 years and they are cheap...but service is supurb! The ink is great quality. You will love them. I live in Canada...and always get free shipping.

Inkjet Cartridges said...

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linda from vegas said...

You can buy refill kits and do it your self very easily. I do my own and save a bundle.

Vanessa said...
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