Sunday, February 28, 2010

Make a Mini-Book with a Greeting Card!

When I received this gorgeous card from Eliza Wheeler, of Wheeler Studios, from a card exchange I'd organized last year, I knew that I had to save it for something special.

I finally found what I was looking for in an online tutorial that cleverly showed how to make a cute little booklet out of a letterpress card.

Here's my version:

Gather up these items: a cute card, a paper awl (to punch holes), some twine and some plain paper. Some binder clips are handy.

Cut your paper to the same size as your unfolded card. Fold in half, creasing the fold well. As I'm a little anal, I trimmed the paper down about a 1/4" off the top and and 1/8th" off the side (to give a tidy 1/8th" clearance all the way around).

Insert your paper "guts" into your card and center it. Use the binder clips on either side to hold it in place.

Use the paper awl to punch three holes in the spine of your booklet (one in the center and the other two perhaps and inch from each end).

Thread your needle with your twine. If you'd like to use baker's twine (which is so adorable!), Annie42's Etsy shop is a terrific source for it! (and she's super nice!)

Sew your booklet this way: Starting on the outside, push your needle through the center hole. Then poke your needle through the bottom hole to the outside again. Poke your needle through the top hole to get back to the inside. Poke back through the center hole. Both thread ends should now be hanging on the outside through this center hole.

(for a more thorough explanation of this binding technique, check this link)

Make sure that each twine hangs on opposite sides of the middle twine and tighten it up. Tie a bow or make a square knot and trim the ends. You can trim it close or leave a bow or even hang beads on the twine.

(if you prefer the ends of the twine to be on the inside, just start on the inside of the booklet)



CraftCrave said...

Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the Handcraft category today (look for timestamp: [01 Mar 01:00pm GMT]).

Jessica Eiden Smedley said...

Such a great idea. Super cute, Molly!

Kimminita said...

Yeah I did it! I needed a booklet for a personal journal swap on swapbot. so for the coming month I will be doodling in the booklet I made with this tutorial. When full I will make pics and put them on my blog and mention your tutorial in a link.


George said...

Hi Molly - This may be just become part of this weekend's acitivies for Siena and I. Very cleaver.

George said...

No Lizzy Borden tendencies here, just never post a comment while on painkillers...

wheelerstudio\ said...

I am so honored to have had you use my card for this "how to" post! So well laid out and photographed - a fun project for anyone. Thank you!

Kimminita said...

My blog with this tutorial will be up today at !