Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Craft Day Coming!

It's high time for another crafting day with some friends!

This weekend, I'm breaking out the Bind-it-All I begged the family for a couple of years ago for my birthday. I made this little sketch pad with it (the cover is from a box of tea):

Isn't it cute?

These pretty books are what we'll be making, with scrapbook paper and chipboard for the covers:

And the insides will be envelopes that I'd rescued, back in the days when I dabbled a bit in dumpster diving:

The envelope booklets can be used to collect receipts over the year, paper ephemera, ideas, etc.

I have some lovely paper and I've taken a road atlas apart for the covers:

Should be fun! Looking forward to crafting with friends. I'll post photos of what we do next week!

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KingdomKards said...

What fun and such a great idea!