Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween giveaway going frighteningly well!

I'm pleased with the traffic I've gotten to my Halloween Card Giveaway so far!

In the past, I've been reluctant to do a giveaway on my blog because I was afraid that I'd get a lame 1 or 2 responses. This would just be so sad!

But then I looked around at various web resources for ways to publicize my giveaway. There are a bunch of great ones! Just google something like "free blog giveaways" and you'll get a whole list of different sites that feature some of the great stuff you can enter to win on the internet! Because blogs are typically less trafficked than, say, a national print campaign, your odds of winning these prizes are a lot higher!

On many of these sites, there's a link for your to submit your own giveaway.

This discovery encouraged me to go ahead and do it -- the idea is to get some new eyeballs over to my store.

Here's one of those sites:

It was really easy to find a link to submit my giveaway information.

When I did, I was also given a choice to purchase a small ad with the assurance that the ads typically received many times the traffic that a simple listing would get. Okay, I was sold and the price was quite low, so I went for it! I've highlighted my ad on the right.

In order to enter my drawing to win one of five Halloween cards, you have to leave a comment on my blog letting me know which card at my etsy shop you like and why. You can enter a second time by becoming a follower of my blog. By becoming my fan on Facebook, you get a third chance to win.

All of these, of course, expose people to my cards and may result in future sales, so this is excellent. I've seen a serious uptick in the traffic to my site. And people's comments have been seriously kind.

In addition to promoting the giveaway on the free blog giveaways site, I also purchased some spots on Project Wonderful. My favorite pop-up card blog is If you visit Carol's terrific site, you'll see my ad on the right side. She's also very kindly plugged my giveaway in a recent post (so right back at you, Carol!).

All of this activity has resulted in a satisfying number of entries to my contest -- 20 so far!

It's hard to tell if any of this activity has resulted in any sales yet, but, heck! It couldn't hurt... and it's kind of fun to try something new!


Cara said...

Hi, Molly! This card is spooktacular!! I love your style and this is a fav Have fun with your giveaway!

Whimcees said...

Hello again Molly!

I am posting a second time to say I am now a follower. Congratulations on the give-a-way going so well!

Barbara Diane