Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Powell's: Order Two!

Getting my first order at Powell's was pretty exciting. 54 cards seemed like a really big order!

Today, I heard back from them. The card buyer told me: "Your cards did very well. I am so pleased."


She's upping the quantities considerably, so now I'll be putting together an order of 156 cards.

Whoo hoo!

The timing is actually quite perfect as I've been gearing up for a couple of little crafty events, so I've been trying to increase my inventory anyway. At the end of the craft season, I should have some extra to get a really good start on this big order.

This also comes at a time when I've been making serious eyes at the iPod touch, which I've just learned can connect me to email and the internet when I'm away from home. Honestly, when I'm out and about, I go through serious etsy withdrawals and the thought of being able to stay connected is pretty thrilling to me. This big order might just be the excuse I need to make a fun little purchase...

Thanks for listening!

(P.S. The text on the marquee on that Powell's photo is photoshopped, of course!)


Cara said...

Molly, that's AWESOME! So happy for you!!

Eileen said...

Congrats on your sales, Molly!!


Darcy said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

Infinite said...


I wanna make one too! Haha! Okay, not 156 cards (sigh!) but yes, a couple! Haha

PLEASE DOOO come up with some Christmas cards!!! :(

Nicolette / Forneverlove

Happy Elephant Designs said...

good for you! :)

cpeep said...

You totally had me believing they had you up on the sign. :)

SisterDG said...

Excellent Powell's sign - you totally had me going.

Congratulations! I'm thrilled they were so well received there. Think of all the cards they carry - yours are really standing out!