Friday, October 23, 2009

Superhero card saves the day!

One of my readers won the "Tell Her Three Reasons Why She's Your Superhero" card in a recent giveaway. When I notified him, he told me:
"I just had my 20th reunion and my wife (who didn't go to school with me) was instrumental in making the event a success. She is my Superhero!"
Nice, eh? I loved hearing that!

Today, I received a note from him:
"She got it today. I stayed home with our son and she substituted at school today. I put it in the mailbox with the other mail before she got home.
She came in with tears, she loved it! It was perfect since she had a rough day. She substitutes in the special needs room at the elementary school and this year's class is especially tough.
Thank you for having the contest and allowing me to touch the heart of my favorite person in the world. Being unemployed, I don't get that opportunity very often these days."
I'm a bit of a pushover for a sentimental story and I have to admit to tearing up when I read his note.

Thanks, Scott, for passing this on! You've made my day!

Because I'm so pleased with how much the three reasons series cards seem to touch the hearts of those who receive it, I'm lowering the price of all of them by a dollar.


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