Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Custom Wedding Thank You Cards

I bid on an Alchemy listing on etsy a while ago. Alchemy is where people can make custom requests for items (like they want an apron in a particular color/style or a doggie tag with their dog's name on it) and people make offers on it. It's pretty interesting.

Anyway, the listing was for custom wedding thank you notes. She had specified a "whimsical" look and a love of Dr. Seuss (she included a quote).

Getting some rough ideas out was super easy. I pulled a number of comp images from iStockphoto and sent them to her.

Here are some of the samples (all these images may be purchased from iStockphoto, btw, which is an awesome service):

The one that I almost didn't include ended up being the one that spoke to her.

That was this one:

Long story short, she accepted my bid and this is the current comp (we're trying to hone in on her particular shade of blue that she used for her dress and trying a few other variations). We added the quote, flipped the laptop so that the man was viewing it and added her cat to the picture, to complete the family unit.

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