Friday, June 6, 2008

A Sale!

I began posting items on etsy a month or two ago and have made a few minor sales that don't count as they were to a friend who took pity on my humble non-sale status (she meanwhile, is getting requests to do wholesale baby bootie orders and has been reviewed quite favorably on cool baby goods websites along with people who've appeared on Martha Stewart).

Earlier this week, someone convo'd me asking me about my fish invitations! Within a few days, we'd sealed the deal for twenty invitations, approved comps and today, I shipped them off with a kiss for good luck via priority mail at the post office. She should get them on Monday, well in time for her daughter's summer splash party towards the end of the month.

In between, I suffered major trauma when the printer suddenly broke down completely at an inopportune time, but despite setbacks, it was still manageable and I think I am making more than minimum wage and having fun with it all, so that is all positive.

Hooray! With this sale, as I told a coworker, I've lost my amateur status and am now a professional card designer!

Brand new printer, partially financed with my etsy sale, will be arriving next week!

Check out my friend Wendy's wonderful baby booties and gifts -- they're so adorable that they make my teeth ache... and she has been very encouraging to me.

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