Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Done, done, done!

150 Italian wedding invitations, in two different languages. Done. Shipped out yesterday via FedEx to Italy.


I canNOT tell you what a huge relief this is! I have been INCREDIBLY stressed out during this process. I seriously couldn't sleep with all of this hanging over me. The customers have been great, however, I had promised that I would complete this order within two weeks of their final approval. When the approval process went on and on as we tweaked one thing, then another, I got more and more distressed. I have plans coming up soon (my mother is visiting me, the boys' ninth birthday is coming up the following week, etc) and having this hit me at that time would really throw all my plans into a tizzy.

Long story short, it all worked out in the end and I got the invitations into FedEx. I hate that the shipping alone is a good percentage of the total cost of the package, but c'est la vie!

In between, I sold two sets of jungle invitations (the second set is going out in the mail tomorrow!) -- I love those invitations, but, oddly, it took months for them to sell and then suddenly I sold several sets at once. 

I also sold a version of my beer-drinking card to a friend, Robin, for her husband's 50th birthday party. It's cute. The front says "Eric's Turning 50!" and as drinking Paul raises his glass, he says "Lock up.... your.... grandmas!" Robin laughed out loud when I showed it to her today. It's fun seeing people's reactions to these kinds of cards.

Okay, now I have another person on the verge of buying a package of circus invitations and I suddenly realized that I cannot handle another big order (at least after this one). 

On the other hand, I can't put my shop on vacation. I'm about to be featured on my etsygreetings team blog on Friday so I'll get a lot of traffic then. I can't waste that!

So I compromised and I put all my invitation packages on hold. No circus invitations. No spinning fish wheels. Not a single mermaid or princess to be found. Right now, the only cards available from my site are greeting cards. I can handle the onesie twosie sales, but nothing more right now.

Yeah, I know: papercraft burnout. Too many sales. Boo hoo, such a tough problem to have, but I think I'll feel more refreshed and eager to tackle things after I've had a little bit of a break. Between the cards and a full-time job, plus mothering two soon-to-be-nine years olds, I have had precious little down time in the last five or six months...

After my mom has been here and I've finished hosting the Lee family reunion bbq for 20+ people... we'll see.

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