Monday, May 25, 2009

A long, LONG weekend!

Our company had a furlough day (unpaid day off) on Friday (trying to get through a super tough year), so this Memorial Day weekend, I had a FOUR-DAY WEEKEND!

You might think I would spend it on endless picnicking, sunbathing, gardening and frolicking.

But, no. 

I faced 560 sheets of cardstock, which had to be printed, cut (even with a cutter, the cutting's the most tedious, time-consuming part, taking up hours upon hours) and assembled into mechanical wedding invitations. 

I show some of the steps, above. The larger photo shows some of the paper for the Italian version of these invitations at various stages of completion.

Underneath, a few of the steps, folding the back of the card (a bone folder is handy for this step), placing the wheel into position, and finally placing the front into position (after putting adhesive on the tabs).

The last step is the trickiest as you need to drop the front perfectly into place otherwise it won't pass my very strict quality inspection.

I had told my customer that I would need two weeks to complete this large order of 140 invitations, but after a REALLY long weekend (completely devoid of frolicking, mind you) (plus I forced my poor husband into forced paper slavery as well) I am all but completely done.


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