Thursday, September 10, 2009

Customer Spotlight: Nadya

Nadya, from Australia (what is WITH these orders from Australia?) who was the very first customer for my pop-up elephant card was kind enough to write this to me after I let her know that the card was on its way:

"hi Molly,

Thanks for sending it so quickly!

Your design is just great, I love everything from the quote on the front (they ARE nature's masterpieces, aren't they?), to the way the cutout elephant stands realistically like he's walking!

The card will be for my parents, who absolutely adore elephants - I am sure they'll love it when they find it with their christmas presents this year :)

Thanks again,


I LOVE finding out how my cards will be used.

Thanks, Nadya, for giving me permission to use your note in my blog!

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