Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Absolutely Incredible ATG Gun

I got this because some of my etsygreetingsteam members were raving about it. Previously, I was pretty thrilled with my little Tombow adhesive (so much so, I listed it as one of my favorite tools of all time), and the relatively huge size of the thing put me off.

Now I LOVE it!

It's well designed, so the weight and size are not as big an issue as I'd originally thought. It's easier to control the application of the adhesive with the ATG gun (the little Tombow often gets stuck) -- you just pull the trigger.

One big plus: there's relatively little waste. With the Tombow, when you are done with the refill, you basically throw away half of the entire tool, replacing it with another half, the refill. Lots of plastic in the trash. With the ATG gun, there's a tiny white spool that gets tossed and a long piece of tape, but that's it.

And, MAN! This tape is STICKY! If you stick paper together with this and then try to pry it apart, there's a good likelihood that the paper will tear before the adhesive will give way. This has done wonders for my engineered cards, some of which really have a lot of stress on them at certain parts.

Plus each roll lasts a good long time.

My only gripe: it took me a while to figure out how to properly load the tape in. Eventually I found a video on YouTube that showed the proper method. After that, I Sharpied the direction of the tape right onto the plastic cover and I never had a problem again.


jeni@pnkgeeni said...

These guns are great. I've just run out of tape and didn't even think I used it that much!

TRush said...

Molly - really? I never thought I would consider getting such a mammoth machine, but I literally have been blowing through tombos like once a day. The best thing would be the stickiness b/c I really need it to hold solid. Where did you get the ATG? What's a reasonable price for it?

Maybe if I actually look now before I am desperate for adhesive I could decide it'd be a better option.