Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Superior Scribbler Award!

My friend, Jessica Smedley, sent me this Bloggy Award! Whoo hoo!

Jess is the scribe behind the "Have We Met" blog which has been chronicling her encounters with irritating people, her culinary exploits and, lately, some holiday angst. She lives, unwillingly, in North Carolina but someday, maybe she'll return to Portland and we can be friends outside of of the internets.

So, the rules of the award are listed below (this is a little like some crazy chain mail idea or maybe a pyramid scheme, but with lots more internet traffic involved). Like Jess, I'm going to state a few random facts about myself:

  • A doctor once told me that if my blood pressure got any lower, I'd have to get a pacemaker (but years of a high-sodium diet and sloth have happily reversed this!)
  • I started this website: for a colleague at work who had been selling stuffed animals door-to-door for orphans in Laos and Thailand.
  • Our cat, Joey, has 24 toes, seven on each front paw. It looks like her has furry slippers on all the time. Our other cat, Gus, is 18 and looking forward to voting in the next election.
  • I often have to drag my husband to the latest action flick with car chases and disaster sequences. Love them!
  • As a teen I played Dungeons and Dragons avidly and still consider myself a total nerd at heart.
And here are my nominees for the Bloggy Award:

  • This blog, written by my cyberfriend, Carol, is chock full of wonderful tutorials and inspiration for the pop-up card maker. It's a must-see!
  • Sister Diane runs this blog and also hosts a podcast, the CraftyPod. Both are wonderful and cover crafts of all kinds! She has been very supportive of this budding etsy entrepeneur!
  • Nicolette, of Singapore, was the person who first put in a a wholesale order with me last year when she was selling handmade cards at flea markets. Since then, she's got her own store, renting part of a larger store, with a partner, to sell the goodies she finds from crafters. This blog chronicles her adventures!
  • The name of the blog says it all, doesn't it? Amy keeps the creative juices flowing with a constant flow of cute and interesting craft projects, all featuring Mod Podge.
  • Want to save some serious money? Check out the constant stream of amazing deals found at this blog! Absolutely incredible bargains!
Of course, as with every Bloggy Award, there are A Few Rules. They are, forthwith:
Don't forget to add your name to the long list of links! I'm number 1325... whoo hoo!

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