Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dragon Cards

I had a mom contact me to do invitations for her son, born in the year 2000, making him a dragon.

Coincidentally, my twins were born in the same year. Twin boys born under the sign of the golden dragon kind of made my Chinese mom's head explode a little bit with fortuitous omens. I mean, seriously. She's never been big on Chinese superstition but suddenly she was channeling the Joy Luck Club (Extra folds on the babies' arms meant they'd be happy. Nipples spaced wide apart? They will be smart. Once I caught her checking out the backs of their heads but she found nothing there to report.).

In any case, the astrological sign of the dragon is something I'm familiar with!

My customer picked out the dragon of her choice, for this custom invitation and I did this:

We'll see what she thinks!