Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Make a Pop-Up Card Starring Your Friend!

What's better than getting a pop-up card?

Getting a personalized pop-up card!

When the neighbors threw a party to celebrate four of the girls' birthdays, I made them these special cards, based on my Oompa Loompa card.

With your friend's picture, you can make a birthday card, I love you, just because, thank you... anything!

How can you do it? First download these three pdfs:




Print these three pdfs onto two pieces of cardstock. The "Extras" file is printed on one piece. Print "Outside" on one sheet, turn it over, then print "Inside" on the other side.

Take a bone and score the Inside piece where it will fold, along the dotted line. Trim the Inside/Outside piece using the crop marks printed on the "Inside" piece. Fold along the score with the blue starburst on the inside.

Cut out one of the labels on the light grey lines (pick the one you want, either "Happy Birthday" or the blank one that you can write your own sentiment on).

Score the rectangular strip on the Extras sheet on the dotted lines. This will be the support for the pop-up. Cut it out and fold along the scores to form a rectangular "box."

Apply glue to sections "C" and "D" and adhere to the inside of the card, as shown below, lining up the crease with the crease of the card.

Hold down the rectangular piece as shown (side "B" will have no glue on it (yet) and will be held down flat on the card. Side "A" and the blank side will be facing up. Apply glue to side "A" then fold the card shut. When you open it, the rectangular piece should be in a box-like shape as shown on the lower right photo.

Open the card nearly flat so that you can easily apply glue to side "B."

Now you can attach the cut out photo of the person of your choice to the rectangular support (make sure to test to make sure that it is not so tall that it sticks out the top when the card is folded).

Here's the same card with my friends, Don and John on the inside -- aren't they cute?

Adhere the label on the front with pop-dots, so that it stands out from the card a bit.

I love pop-dots...


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