Monday, March 16, 2009

Auction update

Last Saturday was our school's auction to benefit our foundation. I had put myself in charge of soliciting donations from etsy crafters.

I won two etsy items in the silent auction:

One of them was from piddix, who is a purveyor of digital, public-domain artwork. She offered a $30 gift certificate of her digital collage sheets. She has a wide selection of beautifully scanned artwork, from vintage Alice in Wonderland artwork (some of which she actually received permission for and scanned from first edition books!) to old french postcards, to images of birds, shells, cute valentines... it runs the gamut! When I told her that I had outbid all others to get her digital artwork, she generously asked me to pick out fifteen sheets.


I have to admit, initially the idea of picking out fifteen sheets from her collection was daunting, but as I went through page after page of gorgeous artwork, the task became more a matter of whittling my long list DOWN to only fifteen.

I finally did and sent her my dream list earlier tonight. I should have them tomorrow (her site indicates that the sheets will be emailed within 24 hours of ordering). Can't wait! You might see some vintage flavor to my upcoming card designs soon....

The other wonderful item I won were thumbhole warmers from Treehouse23. She had generously sent a set of six of these wonderful arm warmers in various lovely shades. They are valued at $18 each, so I'm glad that the auction gals broke them into individual sets. Bidding was fast and furious for all the arm warmers, especially the black set. I had bids on most of the colors at one time and, happily, ended up with some lovely purple ones. They're so lovely on! I feel quite elegant and, strangely, medieval. The boys tried them on and were instantly transformed into super heroes -- apparently you can fend off bullets when you're wearing them. We should have put that in the descriptions at the silent auction...

Anyway, they're lovely.

I love my auction purchases!

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piddix said...

You did such a great job with the auction. It's of course too bad that schools need the assistance, but I'm also so glad that people are helping out. Thank you.