Saturday, March 14, 2009

Glencoe Auction

Tonight's the night of our annual Glencoe Elementary School Foundation Auction. It's our biggest fundraiser, an event that should raise most of the money we need in order to fund things like our school librarian, technology support, afterschool sports, and other essential things that have been, over time, snipped out of our school budget.

A few months ago, I was contacted on etsy by a woman who was asking for donations to her local school auction, something that I readily consented to. Her query gave me the impetus to do something very similar for our own auction. After all, I had been more than happy to help out her fundraiser by sending her a few items from my inventory. 

I was amazed at the response I got. Not only were some people willing to share their creative genius with us, to benefit our school, some people were downright excited to do so! (I had mentioned that I would do my best to get them visibility for their work and to encourage people to visit their sites)

There are some big-hearted crafters out there!

Here is a list of the people who ended up contributing to our foundation:
  • AutumnComfort.  Gorgeously scented hand-poured candles. Contribution: Sandalwood boudoir candle ($8) (local).
  • BerkleyIllustration. Whimsical prints and notecards. Contribution: Set of five animal portrails ($40) (local).
  • BlackCatAprons. Beautifully made, hand-sewn aprons. Contribution: Reversible cat-themed apron ($35).
  • Broken Teepee Design. Beautiful, handmade jewelry. Contribution: Earrings ($21.50).
  • Caelista. Art quilts and whimsical handcrafts. Contribution: Happy amoeba and happy paramecium cat toys ($18)
  • CatLudwigStudio. Cat Ludwig Studio sells photography in the form of notecards and prints. Contribution: 5x7 matted print and two notecards ($30).
  • Chaucer's Chewy Chirashi. Whimsical and lucious handmade sushi cat toys. Contribution: Two nigiri sushi, one egg roll and one fortune cookie catnip cat toys ($12).
  • Christym113. Beautiful jewelry and key chains inspired by Twilight. Contribution: reversible glass Twilight-inspired pendant ("And so the lion fell in love with the lamb") ($12).
  • DaogreerEarthWorks. Works of art made exclusively on this planet. Contribution: Jewelry, screenprints, photography ($45) (local).
  • Dog Gone Knitting. Handmade items for kids, pets and you! Contribution: Two pairs of newborn baby booties and adorable dog collar and leash set ($50) (local).
  • Gal in Black. Pop-up cards. Contribution: Two pop-up cards ($9).
  • Happy Goat Soap. Luxurious, handmade soap. Contribution: Three bars of soap (including one shaped like a sleeping cat) and soap tray ($12.50).
  • Karrie Welborn Photography. Unusual, evocative photography. Contribution: Notecards ($14).
  • Little Mama's Designs. Sweet and modern things for little people. Contribution: Two long-sleeved baby onesies and two hair pins ($44.75) (local).
  • LittleBirdStudioContribution: Handcrafted patchwork pillow made with 100% cotton and linen fabrics (Glencoe parent).
  • Littleput Books. Featuring an array of handmade books, jewelry, blocks and other beautiful items. Contribution: An inviting quartet of Forest Blocks ($40) (local).
  • LuckyFrog. Lovely hand-crafted bags and more.  Contribution: Child's tote and embroidered gift card holder ($15).
  • Lushpdx. Gorgeous handcrafted garments. Contribution: Hand-crocheted girl’s capelet and matching hat made with a lush, wool-blend yarn. Girls age 4-8 (Glencoe parent).
  • MollyLee. Pop-up greeting cards and birthday party invitations. Contribution: Custom-designed children's birthday party invitations ($50) (available as part of the stress-free birthday party package) plus four pop-up/mechanical cards ($16) (Glencoe parent).
  • ohfransson!. Quilts and other sewn treasures. Contribution: Gorgeous multi-colored 45" x 45" quilt ($150).
  • ouou. Cards and prints from the artist's own whimsical illustrations. Contribution: 29 cards ($58) (local).
  • piddix. Digital public domain artwork for collaging, scrapbooking and other crafts. Contribution: $30 gift certificate for artwork of choice (local).
  • SalmonStreetStudio. Handprinted garments. Contribution: Two kids' size 10 t-shirts (octopus and herbivore)) ($40) (local).
  • SewnNaturalContribution: beautiful green organic cotton quilt ($32).
  • SimplySine. Amazing shadowboxes. Contribution: Rainforest shadowbox ($75) (Glencoe parent).
  • The Supremes. Plates and magnets depicting Supreme Court Justices and other legal matters. Contribution: Set of nine commemorative supreme court justice magnets ($32) (local).
  • Piddix. High quality digital artwork for crafters. Contribution: Gift certificate for digital collage sheets ($30) (local).
  • TCWitchCraftFactory. The world's smallest factory! Contribution: card sets, bottle cap magnet set, tag set, flower embellishment card ($111).
  • Treanelli. Wearable art in metal. Contribution: Sterling silver stackable rings set with cabochon cut stones ($72).
  • Treehouse28. Hand-sewn cotton lycra clothing. Contribution: set of six flirty arm warmers ($108).
  • xlessthan3 - Unique cards and gifts with heart. Contribution: Heart in ribcage paper pop-up sculpture ($9).
Check out their wonderful work!

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