Thursday, March 19, 2009

On vacation!

There's something VERY scary to an etsy seller about putting his/her store on vacation.

Doing so means that none of my cards are available online. 

I will see an immediate, precipitous dip in traffic to my site and blog. People who follow a link and find that there is nothing in my store may never return.

Sales, of course, will immediately cease.

People will stop convo'ing (contacting) me.

I'll stop making money. Period.

So one doesn't put one's etsy store on vacation mode lightly. You have to REALLY want vacation.

Clearly, I REALLY want vacation. I finally put my store on vacation mode yesterday and immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

Today, I'm downright giddy!

I no longer have to worry about any last minute orders to stress over. (I actually have one last order to fulfull: for a woman who is having an Alice in Wonderland-themed party for her little girl in South Africa -- she's actually spending far more ($170!) on the shipping than she is on the actual cards! It will be nice to get this last order finished up.)

And once it's all done.... I am free for a whole week to design, catch up on inventory or... if I so choose.... do absolutely nothing at all....

(we'll see how quickly it takes for boredom to set in, though -- I'm not very good about sitting still)

One thing I'm really excited about is having all this free time to try out some of the lovely scanned artwork I won at our school's auction from Piddix. I took some of the Alice in Wonderland artwork and created a BEAUTIFUL set of notecards simply by printing them on white cardstock. Photos will come.... because they're so simple, they will be inexpensive sets that people can buy.... (hate to come off like a paid ad for Piddix -- honestly, I don't even know her except for her nice email responses to me, but I am excited about her images!)

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