Sunday, March 15, 2009

Love my customers

Sometimes I look at my Paypal balance and realize that I've been working at this for months with little, monetarily to show for it, but then I get a convo from a happy customer like this:

"molly- i have to tell you that people are going wild- crazy over the invites- and each time they call i give you oodles of credit"

This was from a mom who ordered the circus invitations -- great customer! And hearing that she's passing along my information to other people is great to hear. I've been at it less than a year and I've already had one mom come to me after receiving one of my invitations to another child's party... it just shows how important it is to have my information printed on the back of every card.

I love etsy's feedback system -- it's great to see what people are saying about my cards (and also really wonderful that others can see this as well).

Here's a glowing one:

"I was in search of the most unique birthday invitation for my son and Molly was the answer. She created the most "ONE OF A KIND" invitations for my son and when my son saw the invitations he was literally jumping up and down with excitement! I highly recommend Molly to have her create that magical card for all your special occasions. She is a pure pleasure to work with! The entire process was simple and easy and I received the invitations within a week. You cannot beat this process anywhere for HANDMADE invitations!

Thanks again Molly for bringing that HUGE smile on my son's face - it was absolutely priceless!
Your number one fan!


Anyway, getting feedback like this can keep me going for DAYS....

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