Thursday, March 19, 2009

etsy connection issues

Okay! For the last two nights I've been unable to access the website!

If you knew me at all, you would know that this is a serious issue. Besides email, etsy is the one site that I visit most often, to check my listings, read convos (emails from other members), check up on the competition, etc.

I'm an internet professional -- more on the design end than the technical side of things -- so I'm not a total novice. I did everything you're supposed to do: I cleared my cache. No dice. I tried to get to it using an other browser, but I had the same results (this webpage is not available) using chrome, explorer or firefox. I checked out the etsy technical issues blog and found no records of any maintenance that would cause any problems.

I checked with a friend to see if she were having problems and, no. The problem seemed limited to only me. And only etsy (I had no problems getting to any other sites that I visited).

Finally, I went to Comcast, my internet service provider, for help. To my surprise, after posting a note describing the problem to their discussion boards, two technicians jumped in to help. They had me run various tests to rule out some common problems. In the end, one of them had me "post a trace" to etsy's site (he gave me step by step instructions, which was nice) and send me the results, which basically showed that my computer was attempting to get to the site, but it was timing out.

My Comcast guys are escalating the issue with the Comcast staff and advised me to send a note to etsy's hosting company with the results of the traces that we ran.

Hopefully between the two of them, we can get this fixed!

This is a boring blog post, but, of course, these problems are uppermost in my mind right now... I feel very nervous not being able to make any updates to my site!

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Molly said...

Update: After 2-3 days, I was able to get onto etsy again. This was somewhat inexplicable as apparently none of the people who were working on it did anything to actually resolve it (helpful though they were and I did much appreciate their efforts).

In any case, all is well again! If this should happen to you, you should probably notify your Internet service provider. I heard from several people that this kind of problem happens more often than you'd think!