Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Heart Spray Paint

I've only had this chair for a couple of decades. Literally.

In my twenties, I picked it up for $5 at Salvation Army. At the time, I spray painted all my furniture black (like a ton of would-be hipsters, I went through a "black phase"), so that's what happened to this piece.

It managed to move from place to place with me, getting more and more dilapidated. Tad recently wrapped the cushions with an old tablecloth to hide the dinginess.

In a recent home improvement frenzy, I spray painted the frame the same lovely apple green with which I've been treating all my crafty nook makeover furnishings.

I picked up the lovely outdoor fabric from Joann's -- doesn't it look great on that green? Lacking the sewing skills to figure out how to sew a zipper on the cushions or to properly mold a case around the roundey corners, I simply wrapped the fabric around the cushions and sewed it on.

What do you think? I LOVE my cheerful new chair!


Jessica Eiden Smedley said...

"Black Phase" LOL!

Chair looks great - good work.

ChristineMarieStudio said...

I love it! I love the green color. I picked up a table off of craigslist for my space today - I am motivated by your makeover!

Adorebynat said...


Handmade in Israel said...

Gorgeous job! Oh, we all had a black phase... probably aorund the same time!