Friday, July 31, 2009

Etsy Spotlight: Snoolibaby

Rebecca of Snoolibaby contacted me because, as she put it, she and her husband were "in love" with my spinning circus invitations. After checking out her etsy store and discovering that the love was mutual, we worked out a trade agreement.

Since my big strapping nine-year old boys are way past the baby stage, I asked Rebecca to simply put together a package of items that she had on-hand that I could save for the next baby shower I attend.

My lovely surprise package arrived yesterday and I couldn't be happier!

First of all, Snoolibaby's products are made from Minky fabric. I don't know what they make this stuff out of. Angel down? Bunny breath? Whatever it is, it's magically and amazingly cuddly.

I received a larger soft blue and green baby blanket (with sweet turtle appliques), a football-shaped baby toy (with teething ring), a smaller cream lap blanket/lovey (gorgeous fabric backing) and an utterly captivating stuffed bunny.

If there's some lucky baby that you need to buy a little giftie for, check out Snoolibaby -- they're amazing! Many of their items are even on sale right now!

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