Saturday, August 1, 2009

Powell's Order: Complete and Delivered!

Done and delivered!

(Actually, I delivered my Powell's order last Wednesday, but life sometimes gets in the way of a timely blog posting...)

My order included:
That's it! Not an enormous order -- I'm not going to remodel the house with the money, but a nice little start and not too stressful to put together.

In addition to making them, I had to figure out a way to package them so that a casual shopper at Powell's would understand what they did. For the cards that actually pop up, I found clear plastic sleeves that would allow the person to open the cards and see the pop-up while protecting the outside of the card and keeping the card with the envelope. This leaves the actual pop-up (the most fragile part of the card) potentially open to abuse, but I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that people will treat it kindly.

I also created stickers to go on the front of the pop-up cards (the fronts are generally somewhat plain, which I think increases the fun and surprise when you open it and there's a lovely pop-up that appears). And I made little slips of paper that go in the backs of the cards that explain the interactive parts of some of the cards (like how the Three Reasons cards work) and also introduce me as a local Portland crafter (I always like to hear these kinds of things myself when I buy stuff).

My mole inside of Powell's has told me to not expect them to appear on the shelves til after Monday (signage has to be created, etc)(they're creating SIGNAGE for me!).

Once they're up, I will post a note, for sure!

I'm also seriously considering asking friends to go in, find my cards and loudly declaim to anyone nearby how incredibly BRILLIANT the cards are and how they want to buy a million of them.


Jessica Eiden Smedley said...

That rocks, Molly!

Signage - how exciting!! Before long, people are going to ask you for your autograph.

Infinite said...

This is super exciting Molly! I wish I could be 'big' enough one day as well! :)

Anyway just to give you a mini update, I managed to snag myself a small, small retail space! :) Sharing it with other people as well, so rental doesn't kill me, but it's super cool for now :)

I've been wrecking my brains as to how to display your cards! Because as you've said, people might not know how they work and such. Maybe when I make another order in the future you could do the same for me? (;

Looks like you're doing well Molly!

Molly said...

Infinite, I'll be sure to post photos of how Powell's is displaying my cards. To help buyers, I've made special stickers and printed out inserts so that they can see how they work without having to open the packages.

I am WILDLY interested in your small, small retail space! If you see this note, please, please tell me more or email me!

Kimberly said...

Molly! How incredibly exciting!!! Please definitely post photos when you find out how the display looks and how it's all going!!!


Infinite said...

It's me molly! Forneverlove! Haha so sorry I confused you!!

Molly said...

Oh, the rental space sounds super exciting, Nicolette (aka: The Girl from Singapore)!

I would definitely package up my cards the same way for you -- let's see how they do at Powell's first, though!

Send me some photos of your store when you get a chance and I'll post them -- I know people would love an update!