Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Comes Love...

Then comes marriage...

Remember that old schoolyard rhyme? It ends with "Then comes [your friend] with a baby carriage!" I remember being thrown this old chestnut in elementary school if I so much as LOOKED at a boy.

I have been toying around with using this ghost from my past in a card since January and, finally, here's the posting for my new baby card.

Whoo hoo!

This one took MONTHS to work out properly. I had the basic idea of a pop-up of a couple with a baby stroller down quite early on but I had to go through many, many different versions of the card before I was finally satisfied with the above solution.

Here are just a few of the iterations I have gone through since January. I changed the modern, complicated-looking baby stroller to a more traditional pram type carriage, slimmed down the rather frumpy couple, tried various cardstocks, different treatments for the placard on the front and experimented with a ton of different ideas for the base on which the new family would be standing -- I wanted there to be a nice space for the sender to be able to write their own sentiment.

I'm finally, FINALLY very happy with the result!

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