Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Martha's Punch Around the Page

I am neither a stamper nor a puncher but this nifty little product from the brilliant team at Martha Stewart Living is making me rethink the "no punches" policy. (I don't have anything against punches, really, but they just take up so much room (which I don't have) and you need to keep on buying more and more and more (and I'm so incredibly cheap).

So clever!

Update: I ran out to Michael's to pick this set up and THEY DIDN'T HAVE IT!

Super disappointed!

Why do they tease us so cruelly?

(if you look for this punch, be sure to look in the SEASONAL Martha Stewart punches where they had an empty slot for this particular style, next to the pumpkin and snowflake punches)

I bought a similar border punch (which doesn't allow for punching around the page, though) and have really been having fun adding a decorative lacey doily edge to all my business documents...


cpeep said...

I'm with ya sistah.

I have THREE punches: a corner rounder (love that, actually, and use it a lot). The branch punch that I bought specifically to make the fish bowl sliceform. And another corner punch that I THOUGHT was a corner rounder and wasn't. And it's a terrible punch that isn't even sharp. That one I should just pitch, what a waste of money.

It comes down to whether you would rather shell out the money for a punch you might only use a couple times, or take the time to design a cut file to do the same thing.


Jessica Eiden Smedley said...

I love punches...went kind of nuts with them when I was making all of the wedding stuff.

There's a chance Matt and I will be hosting Thanksgiving for his family this year; another reason to whip out all of those autumn-themed punches!