Thursday, August 20, 2009

Knight Card Order

I don't sell many of these knight cards. They're quite simple (they don't rotate or anything) and are just not nearly as popular as many of my other invitations.

But I finally got an order for a set of 25, a mom ordering for her son, "Sir Constantine."

I originally created these simple invitations so that I could offer more of a range of prices in my invitations -- as these require fewer pieces and less assembly, I can keep the price low.

I had almost forgotten about these, but this customer's enthusiastic response to them has renewed my faith in these cards.

Also, I've been so focused on the greeting cards (birthday, etc) that I'd lost sight of the fact that I make a lot more when I sell a single birthday party invitation package. It also reminds me that it's been MONTHS since I've designed a new invitation. I really need to get back to the old drawing board!

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