Thursday, August 13, 2009

I now have a retail presence!

Soooo..... thrilled!

I couldn't resist popping over to Powell's to check out my cards on the rack.

Here they are! (along with the hundreds of other cards)

And, of course, I immediately counted them to see what's sold. While it's possible that some of the cards may be just wandering around, lost, elsewhere in the store, I'm going to assume that an empty slot means that the card was sold 'cause, well, it's just way more exciting that way!

So, so far, I've sold:
Hmmm... the only cards that I sold multiples of (multiples meaning "2") are the only cards that I haven't posted on my etsy store. In fact, to be picky, since the some of my Three Reasons cards started out as Mother's Day cards and I haven't yet genericized the versions online, actually NONE of the cards that have sold are available at my etsy store.

Maybe should get to work!


Cara said...

Molly, Congrats! You must be SO THRILLED!! You definitely deserve it; your cards are awesome!!

cpeep said...

How awesome is THIS??

I gave your name to someone who was looking for a custom pop up--I think to propose to his girlfriend. So don't be surprised if he contacts you out of the blue.