Friday, August 21, 2009

My Etsy Posse

Every Etsy seller should have one: a warm supportive gaggle of gals (or guys) with whom you can sit down and discuss google analytics strategies, jewelry display options or customers from hell without any yawning or eye rolling.

For me, this group is (as shown in the top left photo): Kathy, Wendy and Christine.

Kathy was the crafty pioneer in our group, a veteran of the craft fair circuit. She's recently opened her own lavender farm in Vernonia (and kicked off their very first lavender festival!). She knits, makes cards, sews, takes photographs, makes jewelry.... the list goes on and on. She's an inspiration who's lead the way for all of us.

Wendy is the creative genius behind DoggoneKnitting and the newly-opened QueenBeeHandmade. Check out her amazing dog collars and accessories or incredible handbags and pouches (some with designs that she printed herself directly onto the fabric -- it's an amazing technique that results in machine-washable prints).

Christine opened up ChristineMarieStudio as a way to finance an increasingly spendy beading habit. Amazing photography and high-end one-of-a-kind adornments make her etsy store stand out from the rest of the pack. Along the way, she's discovered a market for her unique, hand-crafted jewelry findings and opened ChristineMarieSupply.

We got together at a bakery near Powell's for lunch and to chat about our latest crafty endeavors. Kathy and Christine will be at the Bethany Farmer's Market on Saturday. This is Christine's first (so she's scrambling to get her displays put together) and Kathy's jillionth (she's bringing all the tables, a canopy, etc). I'll be out of town, but it sounds like a lot of fun!

After a fun gab session and lunch, Kathy and Wendy and I headed up to Powell's to check out my cards in the store (Christine had to head back to reality).

We all talked loudly about how amazing some certain cards were, but, alas, few passersby seemed interested.

But I did do a quick inventory.


Fourteen cards have sold! This seems great!

And, at home, a check from Powell's had arrived. Hooray!

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