Saturday, July 25, 2009

Reviewed by the Ultimate Blogging Toolkit!

I recently signed up to receive a free blog review at the Ultimate Blogging Toolkit.

The Ultimate Blogging Toolkit was created by Dave Wiederrich, a regular person who is sharing insight for bloggers everywhere, covering topics ranging from how to get started, selecting the right platform to how to "monetize" your blog. It's a great resource for any beginner blogger.

For a limited period of time, Dave, the man behind the Ultimate Blogging Toolkit, is offering a free blog review. Can you beat that? If you're a blogger, this is a great opportunity to have a blogger who obviously knows his stuff take a keen, objective look at your site.

I'm relieved that his review of my own blog went well. In addition to giving me high marks on content and introducing me to some new tools (PR (Page Rank) Checker), he also has inspired me to check back into Google Adsense, which I had dismissed months ago. Good food for thought.

If you're interested in receiving some feedback about your site, head over to the Ultimate Blogging Toolkit now before he decides to start charging for this wonderful service!

And thanks, Dave!


Dave said...

Thanks for the kind words. Hmmm... Now you have me thinking: I wonder what people would pay...

Thanks again.


Dave said...

Just noticed something: I would suggest changing your settings to allow a commentor to add their name and URL. Just linking to the profile is not much use.



Adorebynat said...

Great review on your blog, Molly! I always enjoy reading your blog and looking at your cards and what you did to create a nice atmosphere for your craftroom is inpiring.

Dave said...


You have a loyal following. I already have 11 blog review requests queued up at and many of them mentioned you.

It's always good to hitch up your wagon to a horse that can run!