Thursday, July 9, 2009

Portable Crafting Kit Goes on Vacation!

Last month, we hit the beach for my husband's family reunion. Sunny skies, lots of sand, a rented house with laundry right smack on the sand. Total bliss, right?

Actually, yes.

But here's one thing that oddly stresses me out about vacation: I'm terrified of not having enough things to do.

It's probably a sickness I should seek professional help for, but I like to keep busy. I get so much pleasure out of making things that it's torture to be forced to relax for long stretches.

For one spring break, I insisted on packing a laptop, printer/fax/copier combo, my craft robo and a couple of bags of supplies to stave boredom.

This time? Things were a ton simpler. I just made sure that the picnic basket/file cabinet that I created for my Crafty Space Makeover Challenge was well-stocked with enough card parts to keep me busy for a long while.

I tossed the contents of my portable crafting kit (aka my green crafting tray) into the picnic basket along with a few other essentials, like pop dots and extra x-acto knife blades. The picnic basket nestled nicely into the tray and everything I needed was ALL RIGHT THERE!

It was wonderful and I was able to be really productive (and, yes. I did take some time to just relax at the beach as well).

As long as we're talking about portable crafting kits, take a gander at THIS cutie:

It's made from a recycled thrift store suitcase. LOVE IT! Find a tutorial at this fabulous blog by Bitter Betty!