Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Take Some Great Photos!

Taking photos using natural light has always been the best solution for me. Even using the light tent that I constructed using an Ikea hamper always requires a whole bunch of fiddling in Photoshop to adjust the colors as otherwise they're quite yellow. If I really want to take a nice photograph, my best option has always been to wait for a sunny day and take it outside, however living the in the Pacific Northwest (and working during the day on most days), I often don't always get that opportunity.

Not any more!

After reading that post, I headed out immediately and purchased some of the bulbs she mentioned (get the ones with the regular base. OttLite makes a series of bulbs that only work with their lighting fixtures but these are a ton more expensive. The ones with a regular base will work with your own light fixtures). I found them at Lowe's with a little bit of help.

After running home and doing a lot of screwing (of light bulbs, that is!), I eagerly starting snapping photos.

The picnic basket, below, which I shot for my Crafty Space Makeover, was shot with no flash, just a couple of Ottlite bulbs pointed at it. There was absolutely no color correction or fiddling in Photoshop (other than cropping).

What a difference!

Even my photographer-husband was impressed (he'd informed me that all consumer-grade bulbs would create light that would require some color correction).

My new photo setup includes two swing arm lamps with 100 watt equivalent bulbs and one desk lamp with a 60 watt equivalent bulb. I'm looking forward to much better product shots soon (when I have the time, that is!)!

I know that other people have had luck with using full-spectrum bulbs by other manufacturers, but, for now, I'm sticking with the OttLite brand. I'm a believer!


Cara said...

Molly, yes, the changing of the bulbs did it for me too! Now if I only had time to rephoto some things...
Thanks for the tip!

1CardCreator said...

Great post Molly, they are sharing it again on the EtsyGreetings google group.