Friday, June 12, 2009

Update on the Portable Crafting Kit

Just an update on the Portable Crafting Kit/Tray idea I mentioned earlier: it's working GREAT!

The idea with the tray is that it will be the permanent home for those tools that I am always carting up and downstairs (when I want to craft in the dining room, which is brighter and closer to the family): exacto knife, ATG gun (LOVE this adhesive gun!), bone, brads, cheap reading glasses.

Since I'm really focused on making cards lately, making a tray to accomodate this obsession is easy. Some of you, who do more than one kind of craft (if you were to want to try this out) may find that you need more than one kit to accomodate different kinds of projects.

The other night, I decided to make some of my Three Reasons Why You're Wonderful (Cute Bunny in a Boat) cards while my husband was finishing up on dinner.

I try to stay ahead on all my cards by printing and cutting up the pieces and storing them in file folders, so I was able to grab the folder for these particular cards, toss it into my tray and haul everything I needed downstairs without having to do a lot of frustrating hunting.

With all my tools on hand, it was easy to put together three finished cards in just minutes!

The only improvement I can think of is that I had to run up and grab the big self-healing cutting mat from my desk as I had to do some cutting on some of my pieces. The cutting mat is huge and awkward, so I'm going to buy a small cutting mat that will always be stored in my crafting tray.

I'm really excited about this new efficient way of working!

I'm trying to think of other tasks that I am always doing and creating "kits" around them as well. Next up: my shipping and mailing kit!

If you have any ideas of your own to share, please leave a comment!


Pinky Creations said...

Fabulous blog Molly!
I look forward to seeing more of your craft room updates. I love how your trays turned out! That green color is so pretty.


elana k said...

I am so glad your tray is working! I have a new post about my own "stuff" box...

Happy organizing!