Thursday, June 11, 2009


So, this is actually my second crafty space makeover. The first time, I overhauled my stray envelopes, pulling them out of stray places all over the house and sorting and consolidating them into three cardboard boxes.

This was a pretty good step for me, but I thought I could go one better this time.

I found a whole bunch of these white plastic drawers in our basement. We used to store baby clothes in them. A good wash and they were as good as new and really a ton spiffier than the ripped up cardboard boxes I had my envelopes stored in previously.

The labels I made tie in my two colors: apple green and bright blue.

These drawers will live under my big desk, keeping all my envelopes within easy reach...

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lavendergreetings said...

Very nice!! Envelopes are a big problem!! I have a 4 drawer rolling cart and a whole big cupboard devoted to my envelope habit :)

I have to stock up when I go to Portland or buy them online - usually buy 250 at a time - whew!

I love your labels!!