Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Apple green and bright blue color combo

I started using apple green for my craft corner, mostly because it was the prettiest color in the spray paint aisle when I picked out a color to make my in/out boxes and tray, but I hadn't thought much about how to carry the color theme forward.

I came across this interesting color combination.

I think it's lovely and a combo that I never would have dared on my own.

I want it!

Anyway, I've started thinking of using these colors for various things, but here's the thing: I don't want to get so caught up in making things look pretty that it starts to get precious. That is, I don't want the cute factor to become a barrier in my being able to make things.

Here's a for instance: maybe I find a ton of incredible little adorable drawers with just the right colors for the right price. They would fit some papercrafting supplies beautifully. Should I get them?

For me, absolutely not. If I tucked supplies away into drawers, no matter how adorable, I would never use them again. Once I can't see them any more, I won't think to use them (out of sight, out of mind is an adage that really fits me). So in this instance super wonderful cute but not a good fit with my crafting style.

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cpeep said...

Kind of makes my eyes hurt :0 . I think the values are too close together or something.

I prefer that particular green with a more sapphire blue, or dark purple.

Check it out:
(scroll down almost to the bottom)