Saturday, June 20, 2009

Customer Spotlight: Love from Singapore

As I've blogged before, I'm a member of the EtsyGreetingsTeam, which is a group of cardmakers who sell on etsy. Among other things, we have a very active discussion board in which we discuss marketing tips, success stories, favored vendors and everything else under the sun.

In the past people have brought up the topic of "Nicolette from Singapore" who had tapped several members and made several wholesale purchases from various teammates. She seemed like a very glamorous and mysterious figure.

Naturally, I was totally thrilled when Nicolette contacted me with a request for a variety of cards -- I felt like I was suddenly part of a very elite club.

After she had given me some very nice feedback, I felt like I had to ask her about where she sold the cards. I knew that she sold them in some sort of flea market, but I wanted to know more. I was pleased to get a response from her in just hours! This is what she told me:

I've participated in about 5 fleas so far, the latest was the most successful!! I only have pictures from 2 of the fleas though, my card reader is spoilt and I've got to grab a new one!!!

For all the fleas, it's always been first-come-first-serve, so my partner & I would DRAG ourselves up really early in the morning just so we can grab a good spot later in the day!!! It's REALLY tiring!

I play with a limited number of things as 'props' for the cards. Due to the LACK OF SPACE (most often, I get a 3m by 3m area, if I'm LUCKY!), I can't afford to display the cards exactly the way I want them! Which really sucks actually :( I've also combed Ikea a thousand and one times looking for cases that can hold and yet showcase the cards well but to no avail :( My partner then put together the yellow thing you see in the pictures! Haha, yes it was made from scratch! Acrylic holders are SO EXPENSIVE!! (Btw, I would LOVE any ideas any awesome etsyians can give me about displaying my items!!!)

Anyhow! I'll talk about the latest flea since I brought most of the stuff along with me to that flea! As I said, that was THE most successful flea ever! We had a corner booth with lots of space at the side, so we laid down red cloth (EYECATCHING!) and laid cards & tags & notecards... you get the drift! on the cloth. People REALLY stopped to look! That was on top of the usual display I'd do on the table! At one time, there could be up to 10 people crowding around my small area! Which I had some photos! I'll definitely update you with them!

People were really intrigued and interested in the items. More often than not though, they walk away empty-handed unless they really have an occasion to buy for! Do you encounter this too? I guess it's the recession or something :(

I put 2 of your cards on my yellow stand at the latest flea and I think I demonstrated at least 10 times how those work!! Haha.

I've another HUGE flea coming up next weekend. That's going to be huge as there are about 200+ vendors! Plus it's coined the biggest flea in Singapore so the turnout should be awesome. Will let you know how that goes!!!

Please do relate all this to the etsygreetings team!! I know many people have asked me but I have been SOOOO busy since June started!!! I had to rush to get the items prepared for the flea once my aunt landed and I have been SWAMPED! This month alone, I've had 2 fleas so far and 1 more coming up! Please relate my apologies as well!

Fleas are REALLY tiring, but really worthwhile at the same time. I feel like with each flea I'm 'educating' my peers (most are teenagers / young adults like me!) and stuff. I feel like I'm bringing them loads of cool stuff! Haha! I've been told a thousand times how awesome and wonderful the cards and stuff are!!

Also, please help me let everyone know (I guess you guys have a forum or something? Haha!) that everyone who has worked with me is making my dream come true! So I'm really thankful and blessed :)

I hope this answers all of your questions! Let me know if there's anything I missed out on! :)



So there you have it. The mystery of "the girl from Singapore" unravelled!

I'll post any additional pictures that she sends me after she gets her card reader working again (she says that in the new photos we'll be able to see some of my cards -- yay!).

In the meantime, if anyone has any wonderful tips to share with her (like ideas on how to display her wares at the shows), convo her at etsy, she is forneverlove. (I asked her specifically if she would mind if I posted her "etsy handle" and it sounds like she would love to hear from you!)


Danielle said...

Wow that's great! She actually bought a few cards from me a few months ago. I'm glad to see she's doing well.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Molly!! I sold her some things and was wondering what was being done with them! Thanks for sharing... Alison

Garrett Family said...

Wow! That looks so neat and it's great that she's having success with this. I have never sold to her but maybe she will be able to find me now since Etsy can be so overwhelming!

Dig The Earth said...

What a great article. It's so nice that you have posted about this 'mysterious' buyer! I've never sold to Nicolette, but it's great to read all about her and see everyone's cards for sale in Singapore.

lavendergreetings said...

Great post! Thank you for sharing!!

Handmade in Israel said...

What a great post! Great to see how lovely all the cards look. I hope she sells them all and keeps ordering more and more... and maybe form me one day ;)

Anonymous said...

Cool! I have been reading about her with interest for the past while but now we know!!

Adorebynat said...

It's great that your cards went all the way to Singapore. I'm interested which fleas that she had booth at. I visited in Singapore a couple of times when I lived in Indonesia (and thinking of moving there and who knows I will). Love to see her booth when I'm there.

Greencard Designs by Katherine Kelly said...

Thank you for writing about Nicolette. I have sold to her recently and found her to be an absolute sweetheart! Good luck to her and those who sell to her!