Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two New Challenge Participants!

We are on FIRE! I'm welcoming two new participants to this challenge:

AprilInk (who describes her personality as being like Coutney Cox's on Friends: "a little intense, a little uptight, liked order and needed to have everything around her organized and in its place") who makes a confession about her "Monica Room."

Lavender Greetings, who actually started a blog just so that she could participate in this challenge! I am showing the photo to her crafty corner, above.

Welcome aboard!

I hope to be able to post some photos of everybody's progress and links back to their blogs as we work on this challenge together.

If you have some fun crafty organization tips or would like to participate in this challenge, leave a comment!

My own personal challenge is for four weeks, so I am planning to be done by July and I am hoping to reorganze my entire crafting nook.

You can shape your own challenge however you would like -- it can be big or small you can set up your own deadlines. Just let me know so that we can all root each other on to crafty perfection!

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