Sunday, June 21, 2009

More Crafty Space Makeover Updates!

Take a look at Elana (Life in Sunset)'s fantastic Crafty Space Makeover!

Tons of wonderful photos to show her creative use of inexpensive containers:

For myself: things are going great! I have had a setback in repainting the bookcases that I purchased cheap, but I'm convinced that I'll be able to do a lot of work on them today.

Reorganizing is one of those things that is a little viral. Sometimes when you set out to just tidy up your desk, it becomes an entire makeover and then you infect others and suddenly there's a whole group of you working at it at the same time. For me, it's even spread from my little upstairs corner nook to get me to totally rearrange the living space area and dejunk that area as well!

I'm not done, by any means, but I have to gloat just a little here: it is SUCH a wonderful feeling to have a nice clear open desk that I can sit at and craft if I have a few spare minutes. Sometimes I just like to sit there even if I have nothing in particular to do.

I love knowing where all of my tools and supplies are (although I'm still shifting them around a little bit). I love that I've tossed away years worth of junk that were just taking up very useful space (I found two huge boxes of VHS tapes with old Seinfeld recordings, among other things -- they are now gone!).

All of these useless items were like tiny little weights on my soul: each one unnoticeable, but the combined weight of all of them really did wear me down, even though I hadn't realized the effect it had on me.

I really feel lighter and happier just inhabiting my transforming space.

Okay, enough on this metaphysical nonsense! Here are some cute ideas I found online that I found inspiring:

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