Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Glass Storage Containers

With a budget of only $100, I've been trying to be creative for the Crafty Space Makeover Challenge.

For the most part, it's been fun just looking around and reusing things that I otherwise would have overlooked (and I've had some great luck browsing thrift stores -- the fun thing about thrifting is that you can go back a week later and continue to find new stuff all the time).

I've been able to find a ton of great glass container (apothecary cars, fish bowl, candy jars, mason jars), perfect for storing small craft supplies. You can see them above. I'm a sucker for glass -- everything looks so pretty in them. Also, they're good for my style of organization because it helps me to be able to see everything (if something's stored in a tin, I probably wouldn't think to use whatever's inside).

A lot of the jars came originally from Goodwill -- I bought a bunch to use as moss terrariums and also as stick bug habitats to find homes for the boys' little critters. They're generally between $2 and $4 or so.

Just going through my house, I've found lots of other great containers, far more than I need. If had a great many, say, embellishments, I think a whole line of mason jars lined up across a shelf would be a lovely way to display them.

I'm about halfway through the four weeks I allotted myself for this challenge. Still a lot left to do, but I'm already seeing so many improvements!

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