Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bookcase Find!

I have been completely HAUNTING the various nearby Goodwills for the past week, looking for things I can use for my Crafty Space Makeover.

Near my desk is a bookcase that I don't particularly like using (it's being repurposed from the boys' playroom and doesn't quite work for me). I've been thinking about possibly buying a bookcase from Ikea. For only $32, I can get an inexpensive bookcase with white laminate. It would work fine.

Then I scored at a new Goodwill I'd never been to before. I purchased the above bookcase for the incredible price of $10!

I'm super psyched!

I've been eyeing this lovely shade of squashy yellow that would harmonize delightfully with my apple green. I think this bookcase will look ADORABLE in a pretty color...

With a little bit of work, I'll have a bookcase that would be FAR cuter than the sterile white one I'd been eyeing at Ikea, and for far less.

I'll keep you posted!

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