Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Progress So Far on the Crafty Space Makeover Challenge

Okay, the top big image shows the original crafty nook, as it was last week, before I started this adventure.

The smaller images underneath show my small amount of progress so far.

I've swapped the black table that I had before (that was too small to accomodate my papercutter) with our big computer desk, which works great! It gives me a ton more surface to work with!

More Shelf Space

I found an unused little bookshelf from the boys' playroom to nudge into the corner to hold additional supplies. This works okay. That piece is more decorative than functional and I actually promised it for someone's child's room, so it's only there temporarily.

I'm eyeing some bookshelves at Ikea that would fit there nicely and be much more functional (I know, I'm trying to recycle and thrift as much as possible, but no good shelving units have come up in my searches so far. I'll keep trying! Ikea is a fallback position -- they're only $32!).

My Progress so Far

So, more on the progress. The tray for my portable crafting kit is working out GREAT (I'll blog about that soon). As you can see, that pretty green tray has found a very handy place on the baker's rack where it is always available for a quick crafting session.

In the middle image, my new in/out trays have successfully contained a ton of extra paper that I have yet to process, leaving the desk free from clutter and completely usable. Yay!

In the right-most photo, you can see the envelope drawers that I blogged about earlier, sitting under my desk.

That's the good stuff.

Lots of Room for Improvement Still!

What's not working for me: the corkboard tiles I put up behind the desk (where I thought I'd hang pretty paper and inspirational clippings) keep falling down, which is super annoying. I'll find some good sticky adhesive to really get them stuck to the wall once and for all. Or I'll have to take them down.

Clearly I have to tidy up my baker's rack. The rack is.... okay, but the spaces between the shelves is too huge, so I have a lot of unused space, not very efficient. I'm thinking about how to make this better.

That big black Adidas paper bag that sits on the floor is for my recycling. Very functional, but oh-so-ugly. Clearly I need a more attractive repository for paper scraps, preferably one that will catch the cuttings from the paper cutter.

The lighting, with one table lamp and one swing-arm lamp, is not bad, but could be better. I like a really bright work area, so I'll be looking for inexpensive lighting in thrift stores.

So, moving right along, though! I know it's not a ton, but I feel like I'm really making some progress!


April Ink said...

okay, you are on fire! i am so impressed. keep up the good work and thanks for coordinating all of this for the team!

elana k said...

I really love the idea of the in/out bins as this is one thing I struggle with. If I don't put it away immediately, then I end up with piles of stuff everywhere! I may have to find a way to incorporate this idea in my space. :)Thanks!