Sunday, June 7, 2009

Goodwill + spray paint = :o)

All jazzed up with the idea of sprucing up my craft nook, I headed out to Goodwill in search of good reusable organizational items. Here's what I found:

There are a couple of nice solid wood in/out boxes, a wooden tray and what looks like a sweet little candy dish that I thought could be helpful in sorting out brads.

They were nicely made and oh-so-cheap, but the dark heavy wood reminded me of portly turn-of-the-century stockbrokers, hardly a fun, creative image.

A quick trip to Freddy's scored me a can of beautifully-colored apple green spray paint.

A little prep work (cleaning, sanding, etc) and several coats of spray paint later and I had some really kick ass matching desk accessories!

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Cathe Holden said...

Isn't that CRAZY how spray paint can completely change the entire look of something? LOVE the green tray!

Thanks a bunch for visiting my blog, so fun to have found yours!