Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Crafty Nook

A while back, I invited my friend Linda over to show her some of my papercrafts. At one point, she expressed excitement about "seeing my studio." I laughed and explained that I didn't have a "studio" so much as a bunch of piles of paper and some boxes and totes filled with things.

As I became more involved in etsy, this arrangement became more and more cumbersome: every time I wanted to sit down and make a card, I'd have to clear out space on the dining room table, haul all my supplies out and then clear it off before the next meal.

My husband carved out a little nook for me by setting a leftover table/desk in a corner and I happily moved in.

You can see the baker's rack that I purchased when I thought I was going to be participating in Crafty Wonderland for May (I got WAITLISTED!).

So this new arrangement has been a huge improvement, but I'm now ready for a new makeover. I had purchased a new papercutter (a rototrim, on advice of my husband -- it is NICE), but I went for a nice, big size and it no longer fits on the desk, hanging over the edge. Bummer.

A fellow etsygreetings member recently posted some information about her own craft nook makeover. It's so inspiring to see how other people do it.
As you can see, the internet is chock-full of ideas from bloggers sharing their studio makeovers. I'm going to add another to the teeming crowd. This month, I'm challenging myself to get my act together and create some organizational ideas that work for me. My goals are to find my beautiful rototrim a spot that it can actually fit, organize and store all my various tools in easy-to-reach places and make everything look bright and cheery and inspiring. I also don't want to break the bank in doing this, so I'm looking for inexpensive solutions.

Wish me luck! I'll post photos of the results hopefully next month!


Jessica Eiden Smedley said...

Good luck with the renovation. I'm strapped for space as well. Every time Matt reaches for the door knob of my "craft closet" I have to say a prayer it won't explode all over him.

cpeep said...

Ha ha, my "studio" is the dining room table. Which is also my "sewing room." I store all my crapola in a tall corner cupboard that we found on the curb. It had some water damage on the back (ripped it off and replaced with plywood) and was unfinished pine, so we stained it cherry. It still doesn't have any glass in the doors.

Molly said...

You guys should join my crafty makeover challenge! Four weeks to do over your space. I just scored on some cheap things from Goodwill (I'll post about them soon). A little prep work and a coat or two of pretty green spray paint and things are off to a great start already!

Come on! Let me know if you're interested -- we can all blog about it!

April Ink said...

you know, i have been talking (and talking and talking) about redoing my office/workspace. this may just be the push i need to finally go about doing it....