Saturday, January 10, 2009

Need a good 12-step program...

My name is Molly. And I am an envelope hoarder.

{hello, molly..... hi...}

Today, I'm having a "playdate" with the pop-up making mom that I met recently (the Peacock Lane excursion).

I decided to give my craft cabinet a once over, as it's pretty embarrassing. It looked likethe "before" shot from one of those extreme makeover shows.

In the course of removing things (odd random things: a Bill Clinton cat toy, miniature anvil, 3D glasses, a web-programming book, etc) I came across packs of envelopes. And more packs of envelopes. And a lot of loose envelopes.

Apparently my modus operendus when designing a card is to glance briefly inside my cabinet, become cowed by the mess and then run out and buy more. I also apparently never walk by a sale on envelopes without picking up a bargain.

I needed envelopes for my recent princess invitations and had to dash out and buy some yesterday. I was disappointed to find no colored envelopes in the size I needed and settled for white, little realizing that I already had the perfect pink envelopes.

I've spent the morning sorting everything into piles and stashing all my envelopes into a box. Okay, let's be honest: "boxes."

This year, instead of the typical resolutions (lose weight, get buff, become a better person, promote world peace) I am resolving to gain control of my envelope habit.

Wish me luck!

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