Thursday, January 15, 2009

More vintage artwork

I bought a cd of vintage birthday party artwork -- seems like a perfect way to kick off my potential line of vintage-inspired cards.

The artwork was scanned by PeggyLovesVintage and it arrived quite promptly (I ordered it on the weekend and received it on Wednesday).

The scans were better than expected. Of course, there is noticeable wear on some of the cards, fading and some minor stains, but that is to be expected. The scans are of very high resolution (600 dpi), which suits me very well, and there's a wide variety of images to choose from.

The 340 images on the cd include the insides of the cards (so you're not getting 340 cards), some of which have some cute phrasing and artwork, so I actually appreciated this.

A few of the cards are a bit interactive. One of them turned into a mask, some had cut-outs. One turned into a simple folded toy. There was a simple wheel mechanism on some that allowed the recipient to change the images in a window. Very fun stuff that you don't often see any more!

I'll post some photos of a kangaroo card that I've reproduced as well as the Alice in Wonderland pop-up card that is still in process, as soon as I can get some photos taken.

For less than $10, I'd say I got a really good deal!

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