Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Birthday Cake Card

The success of the Chinese New Year's Year of the Ox card lead me to believe that I need to diversify from children's birthday party invitations. The customization really eats a lot into my time. Being able to create something that I would just keep in my inventory and be able to ship out immediately upon a sale was really appealing.

Capitalizing on the pop-up mechanism that I learned to make the volcano card, I created this birthday cake pop-up card.

As you open the card, the cake shoots upward.

Figuring out this card required my trying to recall high-school geometry. Trying to apply the pythagorean theorem to a triangle I was measuring in fractions of inches blew my brain until I switched over to the metric system!

I've already posted it for sale on etsy. Take a look there for a peek at my final product..

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