Friday, January 16, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Cards

This first photo is terribly blurry, but I was in a bit of a rush to get these taken and posted. This is the Alice in Wonderland card that I created using the digital artwork I purchased from an etsy seller.

These are the very simplest kind of pop-ups, using a technique called the box (or parallel fold or step). See a tutorial about this technique at cpeep's blog.

I'm pleased with how these came out so far, however there's too much stark white on it now. I'm going to work on putting some blue sky on the inside behind the figures and have them standing on a field of green.

I'm contemplating whether or not it would be worth it to purchase a lovely Victorian-look wallpaper background to put behind the rabbit on the front. It would cost me an additional $10, on top of the cost of the original artwork, and, of course, I would have to sell quite a few to offset the additional cost.

The additional work won't take too long though and I may actually have a new birthday card to sell before too long!

{update: this is the listing for the final Alice in Wonderland Pop-up -- it's already been a good seller for me!}

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cpeep said...

I've seen scrapbook papers that look like that wallpaper. I bet you could get 4 cards out of one piece of paper (I can't really tell how big your card is)! Unless you were making hundreds it would be way cheaper.



Molly said...

It's 4.25" x 5.5" (so two on a letter-sized sheet of paper). The advantage to buying the artwork outright and just printing as I go along is that I can make as many as I want and also tweak it and use it for other things, most of the time...

I should probably look at other papers, though, as a textured paper could provide an interesting contrast to my usual inkjet printouts....

Thanks, Carol!